Our story

The secret to digital marketing isn’t really about understanding technology, it’s about knowing how people tick.

That’s where our story begins. Before he started Ethical SEO, Robin Dally spent many years studying sociology and human psychology. In particular, he became fascinated by the concept of progress.

It was a time when the internet was just beginning to flex its muscles. Embracing the new digital world, Robin saw that mass communication techniques, such as the web, could be an incredibly positive force. A way for good, honest companies to progress and grow. And that was exciting.

It was the original spark behind Ethical SEO – and it’s what still excites us today. Since we started in 2009, our team has helped many of the world’s most respectable and forward-thinking businesses to excel online. And we do it all from a picturesque village in East Sussex (you’re looking at it).

We like the idea that big business doesn’t have to mean shiny, clinical office space. That a successful digital agency doesn’t have to be flashy, or bamboozle its clients with business-speak.

The simple idea behind Ethical SEO is to turn companies with great products or services into amazing online businesses.

What’s so Ethical about us?

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