Ethical SEO is an ethical business.

Ever since we started the business in 2009, this has meant thinking about what we do and why, the impact our decisions have not just on our own business but also on the wider community, and how we can be as transparent as possible about those decisions.

We’re not perfect but we try hard to do the right things. Computers from Very PC, office electricity from Good Energy, coffee from a fair trade producer and milk from a local, organic farm.  Ethical SEO is an ethical consumer.

We’re using our skills and the potential of the internet to help small ethical businesses compete on an equal footing in the marketplace – expanding and enriching the ethical business community.  At the same time we can offer larger businesses a more personal, tailored approach than they might be used to – we bring fresh eyes and fresh thinking to every problem with not a box in sight!

Transparency has become a corporate buzzword.  But at Ethical SEO we want to make it meaningful.  We have signed up to the scheme ‘SEE What You Are Buying Into’ (SEE) and over six months answered a series of challenging questions about our policies on social, environmental and ethical issues which helped us to develop these policies and put them in the public domain: We welcome feedback on our policies from other professionals and the general public.

While it’s important to look at the bigger picture we don’t forget that the devil is in the detail.  So we try to be just as transparent about our day-to-day working methods and throw off the cloak and dagger reputation of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) industry.

Clients can log on to their account at any time and see the work that we are doing on their behalf from social media marketing and website development to quality link building. This is a work in progress and we are always trying to improve the clarity and availability of this information to our clients and where appropriate the public.

But what is ethical SEO?

In every industry there are those who seek to make money by less than honest means. In the SEO world these are people who try to make the search engines believe a website is something it isn’t by posting spam on blogs, placing links in the templates of other sites and many other dirty tricks.  The search engines have published guidelines of practice to discourage this behaviour. Practising SEO that sticks to the guidelines has become known as ‘ethical SEO’.

For us, ethical SEO is about much more than sticking to the guidelines.  It is about being honest and transparent.  There is no wizardry just effective communication, relationship building, creative thinking and a lot of hard work.

And if you want to know more, give us a call.  We love the work we do and we’d love to tell you about it.

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