Website Design

Your website needs to be at the centre of your marketing efforts. Your customers expect you to have a high-quality website that looks professional and is very easy to use. We believe that traditional brochure websites are increasingly leaving customers disappointed. If you want to maintain your existing customers and gain new ones it is imperative that your website is setup as a tool of effective communication. It needs to be seen, be heard and have the capacity to listen.

We have been developing websites for more than 10 years and while things have changed dramatically some fundamentals remain the same. How people find your website is taken into account at every stage of the design process. It is vital that search engine optimisation and social media marketing and any other marketing channels are all taken into consideration from the beginning of the design process of your website.

When we start on a new web design project we work hard to get to know you, your business and your customers. Based on what we learn, we then start to work with you to develop a website that helps you communicate successfully with your customers.

A fantastic development in website design in the past couple of years has been that a new leader has come to the fore offering simple to use cost-effective content management systems. WordPress started out as a blogging tool and has developed into the industry’s leading content management system. WordPress makes it very easy for you to take control of your site. This means that you have the capacity to change and update your site instantly whenever the mood takes you.

WordPress is also Open Source. This means that you are not tied into a particular web design agency. If you would like somebody else to make changes to your site there are literally millions of people who are able.

We have some truly amazing associates. Designers, front-end developers, back-end developers and project managers are all available to make sure that our clients are exceptionally happy with the end product. How we proceed is tailored to our clients’ individual needs. We can provide ongoing training enabling our clients to maximise the potential of their website themselves. Alternatively we can take on management of the website engaging copywriters, photographers and public relations experts. We make sure that the website continues to develop in the way that best utilises the space.

To see some examples of our work, please take a look at our portfolio